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Interview with Niamh Neylon, the Irish Consul, about studying and living in Ireland

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The target markets are:

  • High School Graduates for Language courses, Undergraduate and FE
  • University Graduates for Language and Postgraduate programs
  • Vocational School Graduates for Language and FE
  • High School Students for Language and Boarding Schools
The key sector products are:
  • Language Courses � short / long term -- private funded
  • Summer schools-- private funded
  • Postgraduate study -- masters and MBA -- private and sponsor funded
  • Degree -- Private funded
  • Career based -- private and sponsor funded
  • Distance learning programmes -- private and sponsor funded
The key promotion techniques are:
  • Company web page
  • Company Catalogue /brochures
  • Public newspapers
  • Education web pages/magazines
  • Local radios
  • Arrange of Education Conferences / Seminars
Price is a basic tool for attracting customers to its product, and especially for the customer. Horizon aims to provide the high quality and competitively priced service that means a high quality service offers reassurance and comfort to our customers.

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