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Interview with Niamh Neylon, the Irish Consul, about studying and living in Ireland

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4.1 About Host Companies
The host companies with which HORIZON cooperates are American companies that are willing to give a foreign trainee the chance to experience the American business environment. There is not a specific region or a size requirement for these companies. HORIZON deals with companies throughout the United States and they can be small, medium or large organizations. 

4.2 Compensation
The Regulations allow for compensation to be given to the trainee for his/her time and effort. The host company will determine the amount of the trainee’s stipend based on the specific position filled, the hours required, geographical cost of living, and a comparable salary for this position. This is the host company’s decision and should be made independently of HORIZON.
Financial and program disclosure require that sponsors shall provide trainees, prior to their arrival, a written statement clearly stating the stipend; any costs or fees for which the trainee will be obligated; an estimate of the living expenses during the trainee’s stay, and a summary of the training program reciting the objectives and all significant components of the program.
4.3 Withholdings
All trainees must obtain Social Security Numbers for payroll purposes. Trainees will apply on their own behalf and in person at the local Social Security Office and present his/her passport with the I-94 card and the Certificate of Eligibility (DS-2019). Trainees can locate the nearest office by visiting
As proof of application, trainees will be issued form SSA-5028. If a trainee wishes to prepare a report of earnings before he/she has received his/her Social Security card, he/she may leave the space for the Social Security number blank. The trainee must be aware that Horizon Student Exchange trainee program participants are exempt from Social Security, Medicare withholding and federal unemployment tax. Participants are, however, subject to all applicable federal, state and local tax withholdings.

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