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Interview with Niamh Neylon, the Irish Consul, about studying and living in Ireland

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3.1 The first steps for all applications

1) The international student must send the applicant’s resume to HORIZON via e-mail as an attached word file. The resume must have an applicant’s picture on the top right corner. The contents of the resume will then be reviewed to determine if the applicant meets the required program eligibility criteria.
2) If the candidate meets the required eligibility criteria, HORIZON will inform the student by e-mail and an initial phone interview will be scheduled to evaluate the candidate’s fluency in English.
3) If the applicant passes the phone interview, his/her agent will be notified and the candidate will be asked to complete the HORIZON Trainee Program application. The original signed, completed application should then be sent to the HORIZON National Headquarters.
4) Once HORIZON receives the original signed, completed application HORIZON will process the documents and the an Acceptance Letter for the Trainee Program will be sent to the international agent regarding the candidate’s acceptance into the program. At this point, a USD 500.00 deposit fee invoice will be generated. 
NOTE: If the application is incomplete, HORIZON will not process it until the missing documents are received in full.
3.2 Placement Assistance Process
HORIZON uses a three month cycle in attempting to find appropriate training positions for placement assistance program applicants. The first 12 week period starts when the HORIZON office receives the original application and issues an official acceptance letter. Every 12 weeks there will be a scheduled review. If the candidate wishes to cancel his/her program at this review period, all program fees will be refunded in full.
NOTE: ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE ORIGINAL. Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted.
3.3 Steps After Applicant Placement
3.3.1 Training Plan (Form DS-7002)
Once HORIZON finds a position for the applicant, the HORIZON office will send a copy of the Form DS-7002 (the host company’s training plan) to the applicant through his/her international agent. The Form DS-7002 will state the specific goals and objectives of the training program (for each phase or component); Detail the knowledge, skills, or techniques to be imparted to the trainee (for each phase or component); and Describe the methods of performance evaluation and the supervision for each phase or component of the training.. The applicant should review and agree to the conditions of the Form DS-7002 and then sign and return it to the HORIZON National Headquarters.
3.3.2 DS2019 Verification Report
In order to issue the Form DS-2019 and other documents correctly, the HORIZON office will send by e-mail to the international agent a document called DS-2019 Verification Report. The agent must check the applicant’s information on this document, sign and then return it via fax or e-mail to the HORIZON National Headquarters together with the copy of the host company’s training plan signed by the candidate.
3.3.3 DS2019 Issuance
Once the HORIZON National Headquarters has received a copy of the training plan signed by the candidate and the DS-2019 Verification Report signed by the international agent, HORIZON will issue the Form DS-2019.
3.4 Housing Procedures
HORIZON may attempt to assist in arranging for either a host family or non–host family living accommodations. If this is arranged by HORIZON, it is understood that the participant will need to pay all housing costs.
3.5 Orientation Prior to Departure
All international representatives are required to orient each participant prior to departure to the United States.
3.6 Participant Problems and Dismissal Procedures
In the case that a serious situation arHorizons with a trainee, the international agent will be notified immediately. HORIZON will always ask for the international agent’s help in resolving the problem. There are always immediate situations that would mandate immediate dismissal from the program. Such situations include, but are not limited to:
  • Conviction of a crime
  • Engaging in unauthorized employment
  • Failure to pursue Exchange Visitor program activities
  • Violation of any local, state or federal law
  • Violation of any Department of State Regulations
  • Violation of any host company rules, regulations or codes of conduct
3.7 Program Termination Date
The date of the participant’s end of program will be clearly noted on the Form DS-2019. There is a 30-day grace period following the successful completion of the trainee program that Immigration and Customs Enforcement Services recognizes. Please note that no training is allowed during this 30-day period.

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