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Get ready for a fun, challenging, and life-changing year as an au pair in the United States. From begin to end, you’ll be fully immersed in American life and culture. You’ll enjoy a close relationship with your host family and the children in your care, while making friends with fellow au pairs and people your age. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of once-in-a lifetime educational and travel opportunities.

Where will I be living? That’s one of the first questions many au pair candidates want to answer. Horizon Au Pair usa offers placements throughout the US-in small towns and big cities; in northern states and southern locations; in areas with beaches, mountains, and plains.

However, our placement process is designed to find the very best match between host family and au pair. When making a match, we consider your experience, the expectations and needs of the host families, and shared interests between you and the host family. You should be prepared to consider a placement anywhere that Au Pair USA host families live.

Become An-Aupair
  • Are you between the ages of 18 – 26?
  • Can you speak, write, and understand English?
  • Do you have experience working with children?
  • Are you willing to commit to at least 12 months as an au pair?
  • Can you obtain an international driver’s license?
2-      How to Apply
  • Complete an Au Pair USA application
  • Participate in an interview at the local Horizon office in your country
  • Participate in phone interviews with host families
  • Agree to be the au pair for a host family
  • Work with Au Pair USA to obtain your visa and make travel arrangements
3-      Benefits of Being An Au-pair:
Being an au pair is an incredibly rewarding experience. During your time in the USA, you’ll have the opportunity to earn money, travel, further your education, make friends, and live as part of an American family. Here are just a few of the benefits of being an au pair.

a-     Earning money and fallboard accommodation: You’ll receive a weekly stipend of $195.75 during your stay with your host family. You’ll also qualify for a bonus when you complete your year. Since your host family provides room & board, you don’t need to worry about paying for housing or meals.

b-  Enjoy Time off: Each week, you’ll have one and a half days off, with at least one full weekend off a month. You’ll also be able to take two weeks of paid vacation. Au pairs often use this time to travel with their friends.  

c-  Making Friends: Because you’ll be taking classes during your time in the USA, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet students your age—both Americans and foreign students. During your time off, you’ll be able to socialize and build friendships that will last beyond your year in America.  

d-     Taking Classes: As an au pair, you’ll be able to take classes at an American college or university on any subject that interest you. You’ll receive up to $500 per year to meet your requirement of completing six credit hours. Not only will this help you further your education, it will also give you the opportunity to make friends with other students in the area.
4-      Au-pair Duties:
Au pair’s first responsibility will be caring host families children for up to 45 hours a week (up to 10 hours a day). Au pair’s duties can include:
  • Providing up to 45 hours of child care per week
  • Dropping off and picking up children from school or activities
  • Helping with homework
  • Assisting children with keeping their rooms clean
  • Preparing meals for the children
  • Doing the children’s laundry
Unlike nannies or babysitters, au pairs are more than employees—they become part of host families extended family during their stay. In fact, when participate in Au Pair USA, Host families are not considered an “employer” but rather a “host family.” As such, Host family should include au pair in family’s daily life and expose her or him to American culture. In return, host families will be able to learn about au-pair’s country, culture and customs as well.

Host Family Responsibilities:
  • Welcome the au pair as an extended member of family
  • Include the au pair in family meals, outings, holidays, and other events
  • Provide au pair with meals and a private room
Pay pocket money – 195 USD pw

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