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Interview with Niamh Neylon, the Irish Consul, about studying and living in Ireland

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Deciding where to study is just as important as choosing a study abroad program, and it depends on very personal factors. Different factors are important to different people. If closely integrating the experience with your degree is important to you, then you should consider a location that offers courses in your major and has natural affinities to your major that will afford you experiences in your field of interest outside the classroom, too. If there is a language that especially interests you for either personal or professional reasons, that can help narrow down the choice of countries. Or perhaps you just want to get to know your (German, Irish, Chinese, ...) cultural heritage.

The majority of U.S. students choose to study in a European country -- in part because those programs are so well-established. But there are great advantages to taking the path less traveled. Developing nations are playing an increasing role in the global economy and an extended stay in one can really pop out on a resume. However, any study abroad experience is a plus in your search for employment.

Also remember that while large cities offer numerous social and intellectual opportunities, they are also more cosmopolitan. Your extracurricular options may seem more limited in a smaller town, but it’s there that you will gain more of an appreciation of traditional ways of life and make connections with the natives.

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