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Interview with Niamh Neylon, the Irish Consul, about studying and living in Ireland

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Rank School Name Country
1 HARVARD University United States
2 University of CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
3 YALE University United States
4 UCL (University College London) United Kingdom
5= IMPERIAL College London United Kingdom
5= University of OXFORD United Kingdom
7 University of CHICAGO United States
8 PRINCETON University United States
9 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (m... United States
10 California Institute of Technology (calt... United States
11 COLUMBIA University United States
12 University of PENNSYLVANIA United States
13 JOHNS HOPKINS University United States
14 DUKE University United States
15 CORNELL University United States
16 STANFORD University United States
17 AUSTRALIAN National University Australia
18 Mcgill University Canada
19 University of MICHIGAN United States
20= ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T... Switzerland
20= University of EDINBURGH United Kingdom
22 University of TOKYO Japan
23 KING"S College London United Kingdom
24 University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
25 KYOTO University Japan
26 University of MANCHESTER United Kingdom
27 CARNEGIE MELLON University United States
28 Ecole Normale Superieure, PARIS France
29 University of TORONTO Canada
30 National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
31 BROWN University United States
32= NORTHWESTERN University United States
32= University of California, Los Angeles (u... United States
34 University of BRISTOL United Kingdom
35 HONG KONG University of Science And Tech... Hong Kong
36= École Polytechnique France
36= University of MELBOURNE Australia
36= University of SYDNEY Australia
39 University of California, BERKELEY United States
40 University of BRITISH COLUMBIA Canada
41 University of QUEENSLAND Australia
42 Federal Polytechnic School of LAUSANNE Switzerland
43= OSAKA University Japan
43= TRINITY College Dublin Ireland
45 MONASH University Australia
46 The Chinese University of HONG KONG Hong Kong
47= SEOUL National University Korea, South
47= University of NEW SOUTH WALES Australia
49= TSINGHUA University China
49= University of AMSTERDAM Netherlands
51 University of COPENHAGEN Denmark
52= NEW YORK University (nyu) United States
52= PEKING University China
54 BOSTON University United States
55= Technical University of MUNICH Germany
55= TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan
57 HEIDELBERG University Germany
58 University of WARWICK United Kingdom
59 University of ALBERTA Canada
60 LEIDEN University Netherlands
61= The University of AUCKLAND New Zealand
61= University of Wisconsin-madison United States
63= AARHUS University Denmark
63= University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (U of I) United States
65 Catholic University of LEUVEN Belgium
66 University of BIRMINGHAM United Kingdom
67= London School of Economics And Political... United Kingdom
67= LUND University Sweden
69 Kaist - Korea Advanced Institute of Scie... Korea, South
70= University of YORK United Kingdom
70= UTRECHT University Netherlands
72 University of GENEVA Switzerland
73= Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore
73= WASHINGTON University In St. Louis United States
75 UPPSALA University Sweden
76= University of CALIFORNIA, San Diego United States
76= University of TEXAS At Austin United States
78 University of NORTH CAROLINA, Chapel Hil... United States
79 University of GLASGOW United Kingdom
80 University of WASHINGTON United States
81 University of ADELAIDE Australia
82 University of SHEFFIELD United Kingdom
83 DELFT University of Technology Netherlands
84 University of WESTERN AUSTRALIA Australia
85 DARTMOUTH College United States
86 GEORGIA Institute of Technology United States
87= PURDUE University United States
87= University of ST ANDREWS United Kingdom
89 University College DUBLIN Ireland
90 EMORY University United States
91 University of NOTTINGHAM United Kingdom
92= NAGOYA University Japan
92= University of ZURICH Switzerland
94 Free University of BERLIN Germany
95= NATIONAL TAIWAN University (NTU) Taiwan
95= University of SOUTHAMPTON United Kingdom
97 TOHOKU University Japan
98 Ludwig Maximilian - University of MUNICH... Germany
99 University of LEEDS United Kingdom
100 RICE University United States
101= University of OSLO Norway
101= LOMONOSOV MOSCOW state university Russia
102 Hebrew University of JERUSALEM Israel
103= DURHAM University United Kingdom
103= FUDAN University China
105 University of MINNESOTA United States
106 University of CALIFORNIA, Santa Barbara United States
107 Université De Montréal Canada
108= ERASMUS University Rotterdam Netherlands
108= University of BASEL Switzerland
108= University of CALIFORNIA, Davis United States
108= University of HELSINKI Finland
112 University of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA United States
113 University of WATERLOO Canada
114= TEL AVIV University Israel
114= University of PITTSBURGH United States
116 MAASTRICHT University Netherlands
117 University Pierre and Marie Curie - PARI... France
118 QUEEN"S University Canada
119 CASE WESTERN RESERVE University United States
120= EINDHOVEN University of Technology Netherlands
120= PENNSYLVANIA STATE University United States
122= University of Fribourg Germany
122= University of MARYLAND, College Park United States
124 City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
125 University of OTAGO New Zealand
126= Catholic University of LOUVAIN (UCL) Belgium
126= Ecole Normale Superieure de LYON France
128 University of VIRGINIA United States
129= GEORGETOWN University United States
129= OHIO STATE University United States
129= University of ABERDEEN United Kingdom
132= TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technolog... Israel
132= University of VIENNA Austria
134 POHANG University of Science And Technol... Korea, South
135 CARDIFF University United Kingdom
136 University of GHENT Belgium
137 University of LIVERPOOL United Kingdom
138= CHULALONGKORN University Thailand
138= University of GRONINGEN Netherlands
140 VANDERBILT University United States
141 University of ROCHESTER United States
142 KEIO University Japan
143 Mcmaster University Canada
144= University of BATH United Kingdom
144= University of BERGEN Norway
146= HUMBOLDT University of Berlin Germany
146= University of CAPE TOWN South Africa
148 WASEDA University Japan
149= Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen Germany
149= University of CALGARY Canada
151= The University of WESTERN ONTARIO Canada
151= YONSEI University Korea, South
153 SHANGHAI JIAO TONG University China
154 University of Science And Technology of ... China
155= KYUSHU University Japan
155= WAGENINGEN University Netherlands
158 NEWCASTLE University United Kingdom
159 Technical University of DENMARK Denmark
160 TUFTS University United States
161 University of CALIFORNIA, Irvine United States
162 LANCASTER University United Kingdom
163 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (I... India
164 QUEEN MARY, University of London United Kingdom
165 VU University AMSTERDAM Netherlands
166= University of ARIZONA United States
166= University of SUSSEX United Kingdom
168= NANJING University China
168= Saint-petersburg State University Russia
168= University of LAUSANNE Switzerland
171= HOKKAIDO University Japan
171= University of BARCELONA Spain
173 STONY BROOK University, State University... United States
174= Kth, ROYAL INSTITUTE of Technology Sweden
174= University of BOLOGNA Italy
174= University of TSUKUBA Japan
177= University of ANTWERP Belgium
177= University of ATHENS Greece
179 TEXAS A&m University United States
180 University of MALAYA (UM) Malaysia
181 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (II... India
182 RWTH AACHEN University Germany
183 RUTGERS, The State University of New Jer... United States
184 University of KARLSRUHE Germany
185 University of GOTHENBURG Sweden
186= University of Colorado At BOULDER United States
186= University of Göttingen Germany
188 University of CANTERBURY New Zealand
189 MACQUARIE University Australia
190 National Autonomous University of Mexico... Mexico
191= Free University of Brussels Belgium
191= University of READING United Kingdom
193= INDIANA University Bloomington United States
193= University of BERN Switzerland
195 The HONG KONG Polytechnic University Hong Kong
196= SIMON FRASER University Canada
196= University of LEICESTER United Kingdom
198 CHALMERS University of Technology Sweden
199 University of NOTRE DAME United States
200 University of TWENTE Netherlands
201= Queen"s University of BELFAST United Kingdom
201= University of FLORIDA United States
201= University of INDONESIA Indonesia
204 PARIS IEP Sciences Po
205 Sapienza University of Rome Italy
206 University of STUTTGART Germany
207= University College CORK Ireland
207= University of São Paulo Brazil
209 RENSSELAER Polytechnic Institute United States
210 HELSINKI University of Technology (TKK) Finland
211= Autonomous University of BARCELONA Spain
211= KOREA University Korea, South
211= Technical University of BERLIN Germany
214 DALHOUSIE University Canada
215= Autonomous University of MADRID Spain
215= STOCKHOLM University Sweden
215= University of DUNDEE United Kingdom
218= KOBE University Japan
218= Paris-Sud XI University France
220= MAHIDOL University Thailand
220= Radboud University NIJMEGEN Netherlands
222 MICHIGAN STATE University United States
223= National TSING HUA University Taiwan
223= Rmit University Australia
225 University of IOWA United States
226 University of OTTAWA Canada
227 Free University of BRUSSELS Belgium
228 Paris-SORBONNE University (Paris IV) France
229= CHARLES University Czech Republic
229= LOUGHBOROUGH University United Kingdom
229= VICTORIA University of Wellington New Zealand
232 University of Technology, SYDNEY Australia
233 Goethe University FRANKFURT Germany
234= ATENEO De Manila University Philippines
234= BRANDEIS University United States
234= SOAS - School of Oriental And African St... United Kingdom
237= Indian Institute of Technology KANPUR (I... India
237= University of BONN Germany
237= University of MASSACHUSETTS, Amherst United States
237= WAKE FOREST University United States
241= LA TROBE University Australia
241= University of VICTORIA Canada
243 National University of Ireland, GALWAY Ireland
244= CURTIN University of Technology Australia
244= QUEENSLAND University of Technology Australia
244= University of MIAMI United States
247= KING SAUD University Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
247= ZHEJIANG University China
249 University of SURREY United Kingdom
250 GADJAH MADA University Indonesia
251 University of WOLLONGONG Australia
252= Complutense University of MADRID Spain
252= University of CALIFORNIA, Santa Cruz United States
254= FLINDERS University Australia
254= University of Strasbourg France
254= University of STRATHCLYDE United Kingdom
257 STOCKHOLM School of Economics Sweden
258 LAVAL University Canada
259= HIROSHIMA University Japan
259= University of MANNHEIM Germany
259= University of UTAH United States
262= GEORGE WASHINGTON University United States
262= University of The PHILIPPINES Philippines
264= University of TURKU Finland
264= VIENNA University of Technology Austria
266= KING FAHD University of Petroleum & Mine... Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
266= University of EXETER United Kingdom
266= University of NEWCASTLE Australia
269 NORTH CAROLINA STATE University United States
270 NORWEGIAN University of Science And Tech... Norway
271 École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées... France
272 University of HAMBURG Germany
273= Ecole Normale Supérieure Lettres et Sci... France
273= University of ESSEX United Kingdom
273= University of HAWAII United States
273= YORK University Canada
277= Pontifical Catholic University of CHILE Chile
277= University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne France
279= DUBLIN City University Ireland
279= University of ULM Germany
281= DRESDEN University of Technology Germany
281= Joseph Fourier University - GRENOBLE I France
281= National CHENG KUNG University Taiwan
284 Indian Institute of Technology Madras (I... India
285 University of CALIFORNIA, Riverside United States
286 Polytechnic University of Milan Italy
287 ASTON University United Kingdom
288= DARMSTADT University of Technology Germany
288= University MONTPELLIER II - Sciences and... France
288= University of CINCINNATI United States
291= GRIFFITH University Australia
291= National University of Malaysia (UKM) Malaysia
291= University of DELHI India
291= University of LIEGE Belgium
295= State University of CAMPINAS (Unicamp) Brazil
295= TULANE University United States
295= University of SOUTH AUSTRALIA Australia
298 University of BUENOS AIRES Argentina
299 MASSEY University New Zealand
300 University of SOUTHERN DENMARK Denmark
301 University of Cologne Germany
302= JAGIELLONIAN University Poland
302= University of EAST ANGLIA United Kingdom
302= University of Tromsø Norway
305 AUSTRAL University Argentina
306 National YANG MING University Taiwan
307= CHIBA University Japan
307= HONG KONG Baptist University Hong Kong
309= ARIZONA STATE University United States
309= University of Würzburg Germany
311 VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC Institute (virginia... United States
312= NOVOSIBIRSK STATE University Russia
312= University of PADUA Italy
314= University of Science, Malaysia (USM) Malaysia
314= University of WAIKATO New Zealand
316 ROYAL HOLLOWAY University of London United Kingdom
317 Friedrich Alexander University of Erlang... Germany
318= BRUNEL University United Kingdom
318= Umeå University Sweden
320 University of Technology, Malaysia (UTM)... Malaysia
321 University of The WITWATERSRAND South Africa
322 University of PISA Italy
323 BEN GURION University of The Negev Israel
324= Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf Germany
324= POMPEU FABRA University Spain
326= DUBLIN Institute of Technology Ireland
326= University of TASMANIA Australia
328= KUOPIO University Finland
328= University of LEIPZIG Germany
330 IOWA STATE University United States
331= Johannes Gutenberg University of MAINZ Germany
331= University of OULU Finland
333 University of Lille 1 France
334 Paris Diderot University France
335 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur... India
336 University of GRAZ Austria
337= University of ALABAMA United States
337= University of ST GALLEN (HSG) Switzerland
339= HANYANG University Korea, South
339= MONTERREY Institute of Technology and Hi... Mexico
339= University of CONNECTICUT United States
342 BIELEFELD University Germany
343= BOSTON College United States
343= University of CHILE Chile
345 Putra University, Malaysia (UPM) Malaysia
346= HOWARD University United States
346= Ruhr University BOCHUM Germany
346= University of KONSTANZ Germany
349 University of WARSAW Poland
350 National University of Sciences And Tech... Pakistan
351= American University of BEIRUT (AUB) Lebanon
351= BANDUNG Institute of Technology (ITB) Indonesia
351= NATIONAL TAIWAN University of Science An... Taiwan
354 University of MARBURG Germany
355= DEAKIN University Australia
355= JAMES COOK University Australia
357= Saarland University Germany
357= Sungkyunkwan University Korea, South
357= SWANSEA University United Kingdom
360 BILKENT University Turkey
361= GOLDSMITHS, University of London United Kingdom
361= University of INNSBRUCK Austria
363 COLORADO STATE University United States
364= HITOTSUBASHI University Japan
364= University of PARIS V - Descartes France
366= University of COIMBRA Portugal
366= WASHINGTON STATE University United States
368= SHOWA University Japan
368= University of GEORGIA United States
368= University of TEHRAN Iran
371= FLORIDA STATE University United States
371= Paul Sabatier University - TOULOUSE III France
371= PUSAN National University Korea, South
374= Heriot-watt University United Kingdom
374= KYUNG HEE University Korea, South
374= UNITED ARAB EMIRATES University United Arab Emirates
377= University of FLORENCE Italy
377= YOKOHAMA NATIONAL University Japan
379 SOGANG University Korea, South
380 University of TENNESSEE United States
381= City University of NEW YORK United States
381= University of NAVARRA Spain
383= Federal University of RIO DE JANEIRO Brazil
383= University of BRADFORD United Kingdom
383= University of NEW MEXICO United States
386= ABERYSTWYTH University United Kingdom
386= CARLETON University Canada
386= University of BAYREUTH Germany
389= National CHIAO TUNG University Taiwan
389= University of MANITOBA Canada
389= YESHIVA University United States
392= ILLINOIS Institute of Technology United States
392= NAGASAKI University Japan
394= BANGOR University United Kingdom
394= CZECH TECHNICAL University in Prague Czech Republic
394= Université Du QUéBEC Canada
397= DREXEL University United States
397= EWHA WOMANS University Korea, South
399= OSAKA CITY University Japan
399= University of BREMEN Germany
401-500 AIRLANGGA University Indonesia
401-500 Aristotle University of THESSALONIKI Greece
401-500 BRAUNSCHWEIG University of Technology Germany
401-500 BRNO University of Technology Czech Republic
401-500 CAIRO University Egypt
401-500 CHIANG MAI University Thailand
401-500 CITY University London United Kingdom
401-500 Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France
401-500 CONCORDIA University Canada
401-500 Dauphine University, Paris France
401-500 DE LA SALLE University Philippines
401-500 EÖtvÖs LorÁnd University Hungary
401-500 Friedrich Schiller University of JENA Germany
401-500 GIFU University Japan
401-500 GUNMA University Japan
401-500 Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati ... India
401-500 Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (... India
401-500 INHA University Korea, South
401-500 ISTANBUL Technical University Turkey
401-500 ISTANBUL University Turkey
401-500 JILIN University China
401-500 Johannes Kepler University of LINZ Austria
401-500 KANAZAWA University Japan
401-500 KASETSART University Thailand
401-500 KOC University Turkey
401-500 KUMAMOTO University Japan
401-500 LEHIGH University United States
401-500 Linköping University Sweden
401-500 LOYOLA University Chicago United States
401-500 Martin Luther University of HALLE-WITTEN... Germany
401-500 MIE University Japan
401-500 MURDOCH University Australia
401-500 NATIONAL CENTRAL University Taiwan
401-500 National SUN YAT-SEN University Taiwan
401-500 National Technical University of ATHENS Greece
401-500 National University of Ireland MAYNOOTH Ireland
401-500 New University of LISBON Portugal
401-500 NIIGATA University Japan
401-500 NORTHEASTERN University United States
401-500 OCHANOMIZU University Japan
401-500 OKAYAMA University Japan
401-500 Polytechnic University of Turin Italy
401-500 Pontifical Catholic University of RIO DE... Brazil
401-500 RITSUMEIKAN University Japan
401-500 SMITH College United States

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